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                                            MIGUEL VAZQUEZ 

Salsa,Timba, and Casino Instructor

Miguel is a dynamic salsa instructor, performer, and choreographer currently teaching in Portland Oregon. He started his dancing career in Mexicali BC. developing his salsa skills with famous teachers from Cuba, Mexico, Europe and the US. After moving to the Bay Area in 2008, he trained with amazing salsa teams such as Salsa Rueda Vale Todo as well as Royland Lobato & Co. He has participated in several performances across the West Coast individually and with his salsa team, Hot Timba. Miguel continues to train and learn the newest styles and techniques from top Cuban coaches. 
He is excited to introduce you to something NEW & FUN, bring something FRESH and add STYLE & FLAVOR to your dancing!

If you would like to join his next Salsa Team or develop your salsa skills contact him NOW!


Welcome to the Salsa World of Hot Timba!

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